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Probably not wise playing at Hidden Lake after heavy rain pages: 1 of 12    
四月 19, 2013
From the name, you can tell, there are lots of lakes, and they are hidden lakes!

After week long raining, lakes not hidden anymore, they are visible, in the front of you, and cross fairways on #1 and #18, so your ball ends up in the water, that is a water hazard, NO, they are not.

That is one part of the fun enjoying the golf at Hidden Lake golf course last weekend, we played at new course, that has gold and black tee, we chose the gold one.

Overall, the course is very nice, the true beauty is not fully revealed yet due to the cold and raining spring this year, the layout is challengable, lots of tree and hidden lakes :-)

Par 3 is pretty short, easy swing and be confident, you will get good shot!

The grass on the green is a little bit of long, well, can't complain, because they just open for business. 

The fairway turns left and right, so lots of fun to analyze the layout, doing good shot, controlls your distance.