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It was a great game at Royal Ontario last weekend pages: 1 of 12    
四月 08, 2013
The teem time we booked is 1:45pm, the weather was bit of chilly, but each of us was very excited being able to play the Royal Ontario, that day was the first season day for the course.

Club house treated us with hot coffee and sweat bread, the temperature is around 5 degree, with wind, that was felt like one degree.

The drive range was open at that time, each of us hit some balls warming up.  

Ground was very dry, trees stand there without any leaves, long grass lying down to the ground, displayed a white-yellowed color, seperated from the light green fairway.

The grass on fairway is pretty short, if you hit well, your ball ran long on the fairway.

Green was very nice, puttable, that is the key to enjoy a complete golf game.

Royal Ontario is a tough couse, many fairways are pretty narrow, with waters here and there, accuracy controll is always required.

Many nice bunkers, sand is soft and well maintained, not hard to hit.

Overall, the club did great job having the course in such a good shape for season opening.

We noticed many snow patches on some slopes, away from fairway, that reminds you how cold this spring is.